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Frequently Asked Questions...

Letterbox Drop

Do you deliver in the rain?

Definitely not. We do not deliver in extreme weather conditions either. This means that your leaflets do not get wet and become unusable. (Unlike the others, who have to meet deadlines for the papers.)

Will my flyer get lost amongst the larger catalogues?

In most areas, we do not deliver Catalogues or Newspapers. We deliver only DL, A5 or A4 folded to DL/A5. This gives a greater chance that your flyer will be SEEN and not hidden amongst larger items. VISIBILITY is everything.

How do I know that the flyers are delivered correctly?

Weekly random audits are carried out by a variety of checking procedures in place including spot checking, instant checking of deliveries whilst they are working and householders who are paid to confirm deliveries. We are currently trialling GPS tracking as well.

How can I pay my invoice?

Payment is required prior to work start. Payment can be made via PayPal, EFT into our bank or in cash.

Do you estimate over or under ?

We underestimate the quantity of letterboxes in each area. This means we will always run out of your flyers before we run out of streets.

Do you deliver to “No Junk Mail”?

We respect the wishes of residents. Any letterbox displaying a "NO JUNK MAIL" sign will not be delivered.

Do you hire kids for delivery?

No, we do not hire kids. This ensures that your flyers are delivered professionally and correctly. We have a dedicated team of adult distributors who are supervised on a daily basis & are trained correctly on flyer distribution.

Bundling & Boxing Requirements

1. Stock must be bundled in uniform quantities, no greater than 500 per bundle.

2. Bundles must be cross strapped or double banded and boxed to consistent carton quantity and size.

3. No individual bundle or carton must exceed 15kg.

Pallet Requirements

1. Pallets should be Australia Standard Size, 1165mm x 1165mm and be in good condition (without loose or broken timbers)

2. Pallet must be wrapped in plastic.

3. Maximum height (including pallet) is 1324mm and maximum weight of 1000kg)

4. Each pallet and carton must be clearly labelled (see Labelling requirements below).

Labelling Requirements

1. Top line to read Pro Post Australia.

2. Client Name – Name of Job

3. Bundle Size

4. Quantity per box

5. Total Quantity

6. Date of dispatch.

7. Box _ of __

Graphic design / Artwork Setup

Artwork Specs:

Artwork is to be sent to us in High Resolution. At least 300 DPI.
Programs we use: Adobe Photoshop CS2,
Adobe Illustrator CS2.

Acceptable Formats:

EPS ( Layered and converted to curves if possible),
PSD ( layered if possible),
JPEG (Must be of highest possible quality and to size),
PDF (Note : PDF files are extremely limited and hard to alter once they have been sent to us.)
Please make sure that files are
* complete and correct,
* spelling and phone numbers are correct and
* that you proofread it before you send it.
Also make sure that files are not Password Protected.

Unacceptable Formats:

Microsoft Word.

Colour Settings:

Colour: Artwork to be supplied in CMYK,
All RGB files to be converted.
B+W: CMYK or RGB is acceptable


Once artwork is Print Ready, you will be sent a Final Proof sheet in which you must check all details are final and correct.

Any changes once you have approved this may incur additional artwork charges.

Artwork Requirements

File Sizes:

InHouse, we print DL size, A5 size and A4 size. Please make sure that your artwork is set up to the size of the print you require. Templates can be sent upon request as we print 3up to one page for DL, and print 2up to one page for A5.

We can print single- or double-sided.
We can print various other sizes, such as A6 & A4.


Want a FREE quote click here or call (02) 4722 9122 or 0428 859 574